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Create a poll right away
within your Super app

Plan a party and create a poll to select a venue. Make your family time more memorable in the place that was liked the most with polls

... Do you wish to know the most favorite travel destination?
... Get to know if your start-up idea is commercially viable and commendable
... What do you think about this match? We'll win or lose.
... Do you wish to spend your weekend watching the best movie?

Now, it's the time to answer the poll and share your opinion to help your folks decide faster


How Votocrat helps the users of Clap Messenger?

  • Votocrat is back with a bang within your super app, Clap Messenger!
  • Don’t send a standard chat message to know the majority opinion. - Instead, let your question be through a free polls and survey in real-time
  • Create live polls and share them across 1:1 and groups of Clap Messenger.
  • Polls and surveys are the simplest and quickest way to find out what users think.

The Know-How’s of creating a poll!

Movies, outings, family gatherings, dresses, politics, and what not! You can create a poll on any topic under the Sun, with multiple poll types available from Vorocrat!

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions allow you to understand the broader perspective of the voter's opinion.

Image Poll

It's quick and fast. Choose an image that you think is the most relevant and cast your vote.

Yes / No

You don't have to think much. Just give your straight opinion, answering 'Yes' or 'No.'


Star rating starts from most minor to the excellent. Your rating could help improve the decision-making.

Choose Poll Results Type

Instant Result

Participants can view the results as soon as they poll.

Ballet Result

Poll results are shown on the poll end date


Poll results are never shown to the participants.


Votocrat free survey maker within the Clap Messenger helps users;
while creating a poll with the Survey-Controls of:

  • - To Select survey Results End Date
  • - Allows share/forward to others
  • - Allows participant to change selection
  • - Hide who’s polled what
  • - Enable/Disable self-voted polls.